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Tentálen Ltd. dealing with management services (accounting, payroll, tax consulting) has changed for Microsoft's small and medium sized enterprise server suite solution, Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 Standard Edition, from the previously used shared drive solution. Éva Siposné Hornyák, Executive Director, is very pleased with the new infrastructure on which the company's bookkeeping system is running. SBS 2003 has proven to be a very reliable, stable system for the past three quarters of the year, even allowing a colleague who is at home with her baby to be able to work, and can log in to the system and perform bookkeeping through a secure connection. With SBS 2003, they also solved the corporate e-mail issue and access to ADSL Internet connections for all employees. For the company, it was important that the system could be built at an affordable price and that its maintenance is not in horrible amounts.


The history of TENTÁLEN Kft. Concerning bookkeeping and payroll accounting for its core business started about twenty years ago. Éva Siposné Hornyák - as a private entrepreneur - worked as a bookkeeper from the eighties, when based on this professional knowledge, as a family business with her husband, in December 1994, they founded the accountancy with only one million forints and only a few colleagues.

‘The ltd. in these days was in the basement of our house, and as a result of the expansion we moved on several occasions. At present I have 11 staff members, of whom 6 are statutory accountants. Payrolls are carried out by two professionals, and three colleagues are assisting in recording the accounting information’ -Says Éva Siposné Hornyák, general manager of Tentálen ltd.

‘The company currently has 80, mostly micro and small business clients. The annual revenue of the accountancy is about 30 million forints, which is steadily increasing, even though we do not even advertise in the media, we are recommended by our clients. Also there are returning customers who thought that they would rather book elsewhere or have their own accounts, but luckily, after a while, they were greeted again among our partners. Contrary to many other bookkeeping companies, we regularly inform our customers of changes in the law to help them make economic decisions, and my colleagues regularly participate in conferences and further professional trainings. ‘At TENTÁLEN Ltd., a Microsoft DOS based accounting software was initially used, which was replaced with an MS Windows-based Austrian program when the old 16-bit text operating system was obsolete.

‘This software flexibly adapts to the requirements of our customers, as they can, for example, make monthly special reports. Payroll calculations are made using a program that allows electronic returns directly from the software. Our system is capable of making payrolls by job number, allowing a detailed disclosure of the actual costs of a project’ says the managing director. During the post-launch period, they had worked with three unrelated PCs that were not yet connected to the network, and later used a file server, in fact only a shared Windows 2000 Professional workstation was installed. With the continuous growth of jobs, users and simultaneously the number of PCs, we have developed a shared driver solution on the ever-running OS. Our previous split-drive system began to become uncertain, the following prompt was made more and more often at our company: girls, quickly get out of the computers, restart is needed ‘

Siposné Hornyák Éva

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