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Accounting retroactively

Accounting retroactively

The management of an already well-functioning company may choose to hire another accountancy te perform the accounting processes. We do not ask for the reason of the change, but we help if the representatives of the company want to be assured that the records recorded in the previous years meet the requirements from the taxation and from the accounting aspect. We undertake, of course separately, in a specified agreement, the accounting of the previous years, the review of the declarations already submitted and the preparation of the required examinations.

A company is able to change the accountant even during the year, in this case, we usually suggest to re-book the documents recorded in the current business year. Our own experience is that everyone understands the laws and the accounting details differently, so we only consider it reasonable and acceptable to complete one business year at the same bookkeeper.

Business support from the accountant point of view

We would like to be your company’s new accountants. We’d like you to be able to say one year from now, that it was worth switching and you chose the right accountant team. To have trust towards a new team is not easy, especially after disappointments. We don’t even want to ask for it. We’d just like to have a chance for an introductory meeting face to face. From a professional point of view you can read in the followings, why do I think we are the right choice if you have a small or mid size business.

Who we are?

We are a well-knitted accountancy team, who are always ready for renewal. Tentálen Ltd. has been founded since more than 23 years. The management and also our colleagues believe that professional integrity, straightforward speech, responsibility, and constant renewal is our greatest virtue.

What do we do exactly?

We are primarily engaged in the bookkeeping of small and medium-sized companies. We consider our professional background very important. We also undertake chief accounting, auditing and expert projects, so we have a full view of the issues that arise. In addition to the professional background, we also focus on the business processes of our organization. Everything was designed for customer focus. That's why we have a non-stop customer support service, and this strict planning is what makes it possible that you don’t feel any difference when one of our colleagues is on holiday, and our other colleagues are fully aware of the responsibility of your company’s accounting, and it’s practice. In the past few years, we have expanded and became a comprehensive accounting, legal, financial and business consulting office based on the needs of our new managers and customers.

What do we do that other offices don’t?

We get many client inquiry through recommendation We have such an online analytical interface where you can keep in track of your bookkeeping and your business's economic status. We tailor ourselves to our customers' needs and we already provide full business law consulting services through our colleagues, just as we can provide exclusive, financial risk free tender services to our clients by our contracted partners. Our customer service, unlike in the profession, is even available before and after working hours. We have arranged that one of our colleagues is always available from the bookkeeping and from the payroll side as well.


Tentálen Ltd has two Managers and as well two Owners. Andrea Boldizsár and Olivér Adolf. Double management comes with great advantage. Andrea started her professional life from a small accountancy and climbed to the top of the profession from there. Finally, she decided to rather build her own business when she was the chief accountant at a well-known multinational company. Oliver came from the entrepreneurial side. He became interested in bookkeeping because of the insufficiency of the accountancies serving his business and the difficulty of finding the right partner. Oliver become an accountant, and started to engage in this business because he was not satisfied with any of the accountancies. The past and the different attitudes are what makes us customer-oriented, innovative and professional.

What kind of qualifications and skills do we have

Economist (graduate), Lawyer (diploma), Engineer (graduate), Registered Accountant, , Auditor, Tax Advisor, Judicial Expert Colleagues.

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