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How we work

Accounting with the right staff number

I believe that our current 7-member team is ideal for our clients. We are a small office, we have direct contact with our clients, we do not have a multi attitude. However, it is a great advantage that we are not a one-man, or an "accountant with an assistant" type office. On one hand even experienced and good professionals can’t know everything, so more professionals provide more professional knowledge, and on the other hand, a vacation and an illness does not stop work. We are always ready to welcome you and to deal with your business.

In case of accounting SME companies, you get in touch with three people

In case of accounting SME companies, you get in touch with three people Two accountants are responsible for your company. One colleague is the first responsible, and the other is the second responsible for the company's bookkeeping. They both awear of the finances of your business so a leave or any illness will surely not stop working.

The Payroll and its deputies are available in our office during the day, but they can be reached by telephone from 7 am to 9 pm for any evening or breakfast announcements and statements and make the necessary work.

Additionally, your company's tax and finances are discussed through regular consultations and we are looking for you with any optimization options. The entire professional team is at your disposal at this time.

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