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Young and experienced colleagues

Every of our accountants and payroll accountants, have at least 5 years of professional experience and have met the criteria our professional test. We consider continuous professional development very important. Thus, in addition to the compulsory professional training, a higher the level of professional knowledge is also regularly assessed. Basically we pay a very high attention on the continuous learning, apart from the regular trainings.

Boldizsár Andrea, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Accountant, Payroll accountant

Ever since I completed my studies I worked as an employee until November 2016. Starting from the bottom of the professional rank, I went step by step up on the field of bookkeeping. Before Tentálen I was the Chief Accountant of a multinational corporation, when I decided that I will put my years of experience in my own business. For me, continuous professional development is very important, because tax laws are changing as often as the weather. As a bookkeeper, I have reached the peak of my profession, as I gained knowledge in payroll accounting, now I am attending a Tax Consultant training. Over the years, I have learned that the greatest honor of an accountant is when their clients trusts them, as after marriage, this is the next most confidential relationship. My goal is to make our partners satisfied, and they always receive adequate information and help. After their spouse, trust us the best. Accuracy, precision, trust is my motto.

Záborszki Judit, Accountant, Deputy Head of Office

I finished my professional secondary school studies in 1994 and have been working as a bookkeeper ever since. I have constantly developed my knowledge, and I got my statutory accountant qualification registered in 2004, and I’m also experienced in the field of payroll and Social Insurance administration as well.
As deputy head of Office, I work as a bookkeeper, I perform day-by-day bookkeeping tasks, prepare reports, participate in tax procedures, end-of-year closing tasks, and submission of reports.
Strong compliance with deadlines, fast and precise work is characteristic of me. I keep track of regulatory changes to support our clients with this as well.

Adolf Olivér, Chief Executive Officer

I've been attracted by the world of business even during my high school years. Right after high school, in the first year of my university studies I founded my first business.
Beside the great success, I paid quite a little attention to the financial, accounting and administrative side of the company. I rather focused on the provided service and new client acquisition. Although I did well, now I can see the many mistakes I made. I started trying to choose the right new accountant, but I did not find a partner who wouldn’t hold me back. I did not understand bookkeeping, therefore I didn’t know that the accountants did not pay enough attention on me. Not ideal business form, not ideal taxation, inadequate billing, not precise balances and end-of-year closings. It ate up a lot of money. I knew that I had to start dealing with bookkeeping so I signed up to an Accounting Course. At that time, I had my degree in engineering and my degree in economics. Still, I got to know a new approach and completed the course but I did not stop there, I started a Tax consultancy training right away so I’ll be able to give more to others and myself.
I hope that me and my team can be in help to others so they wouldn’t need to suffer through loss, the lack of attention and the lack of professional skills, like I had to.

Horváth Szilvia, Accountant

I have been working in bookkeeping office since 2011 as a registered bookkeeper. I have gained a certificate of social insurance and payroll in 2013 but I am currently working as a bookkeeper, my job is to do the complete accounting of businesses with different activities. Beside the bookkeeping of private and social enterprises I am also familiar with accounting of other organizations. For me, the most important is the precision and I very certain that this work can only be done with professional humility and dedication. I regularly keep track of legislative changes.

Tóthné Varga Gyöngyi, Accountant

I have more than 16 years of experience in accounting and I also have experience in payroll. I work as a registered accountant, currently in the accountancy area. I complete full accounting of companies with different business forms and tax types. Chief accountancy, Chief analytics, reports and occurring statistics are part of my duties. I am flexible and problem-solving, with whom anyone can easily cooperate, either as a colleague or as a client.

Kollár Andrea, Accountant

I got my statutory accountant qualification in 2003 and the next year I completed the Social Insurance Administrator exam. Since 2004 I work in both areas. I am currently using my accountant knowledge to complete the bookkeeping of individual businesses and corporate enterprises, administration of tax accounts, and to complete the year-end closing tasks. Occasionally, I am also participating in payroll.
Strong compliance with deadlines, fast and precise work is characteristic of me.

Katona Nikoletta, Special Social Insurance Adviros, Salary, Labor Consultant

I graduated as a qualified hospitality and catering technician at the Gundel Károly Catering Secondary School and worked for a few years as a chef. Since 2004, I have been catering manager of a catering complex in Budaörs for 6 years. At the same time, I began to deal with payroll and labor, for which I obtained the Social Insurance and payroll education and I gained experience at several catering companies, IT and other providers as well as in the banking sector. As a consultant, I deal with various service providers, both manufacturing and non-profit companies, witch need special attention and knowledge, and I also assist employees in their labor disputes. In the meantime, I have gained qualifications, and many years of experience as a financial accounting officer, accountant and bidding accountant. As a hobby, I also work as a bus driver, mostly I transport children and athletes.

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